Friday, April 25, 2008

Session 2: Blog and Wiki

Content of this session include:
• Blogs on the internet
• Uses of blogs in educations
• Wiki and Wikipedia
• Uses of wiki in educations

Here are the slides for the session 2 (UPDATED):

Your can access PDF File of slides from SOUL

Please note tasks that you are required to complete in the slides. There are alos some readign for you.

In addition I found the slides bellow to be a very interesting.

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Internet Tools and their Applications said...

Group name: groupportfolio

Group members: Au Wing Kai, Seto Pik Yan, Poon Siu Chung


CD200615.321 said...

Dear Daniel,

To avoid duplication, we prefer posting our reflections/ comments after each lecture on our own blog.


Group 321